Kundan Lal Jaggi was a living legend and a culinary master of Tandoori cuisine and is often credited for making it popular all over the globe. He was Born and raised in a Punjabi-Hindu family in Peshawar, British India. As a young boy, He worked at a small eatery in Peshawar where he embarked on a journey of flavors and taste mastering the Tandoori cuisine. The culinary legacy backtracks decades to the era of Post-Indian Independence, when Kundan Lal Jaggi, a refugee from Peshawar, during the aftermath of partition of India in 1947, traveled to Delhi with an unflinching desire to succeed and serve a cuisine Delhi had not tasted before. Kundan Lal Jaggi then co-founded an iconic restaurant which opened in 1947 in the locality of Daryaganj, New Delhi were the most popular dishes of tandoori cuisine – Butter chicken and Dal Makhani were invented.


DARYAGANJ, a North Indian Cuisine restaurant conceptualized with the principle of celebrating the culinary legacy of Late Kundan Lal Jaggi, the resilience and innovation of the Punjabi refugees, with due credit to his grandson RaghavJaggi and his childhood friend, restaurateur Amit Bagga.

Daryaganj attracts a wide variety of clientele. The main target audience being Family, Corporate teams and expats. Families contribute to a good amount of the target audience because of the fact that Daryaganj is a casual-fine dine format and also holds the legacy amongst the previous generations.


Raghav Jaggi

“Daryaganj is all about bringing you the best north Indian Cuisine that you would have ever tried. It’s about celebrating the culinary legacy of my late grandfather, Shri Kundan Lal Jaggi, the man credited for inventing and creating the Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken.”

The grandson of the late Mr. Kundan Lal Jaggi, Raghav grew up listening to tales of the legendary restaurant that brought the best of the classic Indo-Punjabi cuisine to Delhi’s palate for decades. Daryaganj was conceived by Raghav, as to celebrate the legacy of his grandfather, blending old-world flavors and closely guarded recipes with the most talented and creative team to truly create a best in class dining experience reminiscent of a bygone era.

Raghav Jaggi
Founder and Promoter

Amit Bagga

“What you can expect from Daryaganj is, classic North Indian Cuisine served to you in a very contemporary way, keeping the age-old techniques intact, the way food was cooked in the 1950s, we have tried to use the same old techniques given by the family to us.”

Amit Bagga is a hands-on restaurateur, who pays attention to every detail in his restaurants making sure all the five senses of a customer are evoked positively and they end up having a memorable experience, and the same principles have been applied when Daryaganj restaurant was being conceptualized.

Amit Bagga
Co-Founder and CEO


Presenting the world of signature inventions, which changed and introduced the revolution of eating out in style! Kundan Lal Jaggi’s Restaurant set a milestone on the maps and made everyone visit the fabled palate of flavors
from all around the world.

Read and know further about how Daryaganj – by the inventors of Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani, is about to reshape the pillars of the culinary expertise and introduce the realness and accuracy.